Tattoo your blades.

Your knife.

Your design.

Totally unique.

„I am an experienced chef and worked in all kinds of kitchens.

I have worked for 30 years in the food industry in R&D developing new products for market. I’m a natural innovator – always spotting new opportunities and better ways to do things. But most of all I love knives. The heavy feeling in your hand. The sharpness when they glide through the food. The shape of really good knifes. Now I want to bring my innovative streak to bear so I can bring YourKnife to a market I know well.“

The idea

You can tattoo your blades –

fully personalize them with any image and text combination that takes your fancy.

YourKnife uses laser techniques similar to that used for creating surgical instruments to mark under the surface of stainless steel. The result? You can have elaborate images etched onto a blade, but it retains a perfectly smooth surface that meets the highest HACCP standards. So now chefs can go further than just marking their knives with a name.

The campaign

And something for the best design:

Please support us – for every pledge you are also in the draw for this fantastic knife from the German company Güde. For more info on this great piece of design go to:  Just send us the design you want to get marked onto your knife.

The knives ...

... here´s how it works.